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  • How do I become … a special effects engineer


    How do I become … a special effects engineer


    A love of computers and programming – rather than a specific interest in rat hair and dinosaur skin – helped Sanjay Bakshi get his role at Pixar


    Sanjay Bakshi has spent a lot of time with monsters. He knows precisely how their hair moves as they terrorise humans, how their eyeballs swivel when they sight their prey, and how their fangs gnash when they eat.


    As technical director for Disney's Monsters University he led a team responsible for visualising a population of suitably monstrous students, and then animating them. "The directors gave us some loose drawings to go by, and we had to build them into characters," he says. "There were hundreds so, to distinguish them, we had to give them each a name – so we used the names of the crew. Each crew member therefore has their own monster."





  • Blender – Open  Source Software For Create 3D Animations ( articles in Bahasa Malaysia )

    Blender merupakan salah sebuah perisian grafik 3D, iaitu perisian yang mengfokuskan penghasilan 3D visual seperti animasi 3D, visual arkitek 3D dan penghasilan kesan khas. Malah Blender juga mampu untuk menghasilkan permainan video.


    Apa yang menarik mengenai Blender ialah ianya percuma dan mempunyai satu komuniti yang besar dalam membangunkan perisian. Pelbagai kemaskini diperkenalkan oleh mereka dari masa kesemasa. Kini kualiti Blender boleh dikatakan setanding dengan perisian-perisian 3D yang berbayar. Cuma ianya memerlukan masa untuk pengguna memahami antaramuka dan juga sistem teknikal-nya.


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  • What does it take to be a 3d artist


    So, what does it take to be a 3D artist? Well, obviously, you must have an eye for art. Most people who begin learning how to do 3D have some kind of background in drawing and sketching. Indeed, it's not unheard of for 3D studios to hire artists who have no experience in 3D art, based solely on the strength of a pencil drawing portfolio. Sculptors, who were previously limited to animatronics and claymation to enter the realm of live-action art, also tend to have an easy time making the transition to 3D.